Who We Are

Our story began in 1997, when our President, Ms. Mercedes Álvarez, moved from Venezuela to Italy with her niece Michelle, who was affected by a form of Leukaemia, a pathology that needed to be treated urgently with a bone marrow transplant. 


At that time, in Venezuela there was no chance to survive that disease and medical treatments were even less accessible than today for the majority of the population. In spite of the difficulties, Mercedes and her niece managed to travel to Italy, thanks to the solidarity of many friends and relatives. 

During that long trip, Mercedes never forgot all the little friends she met in the beds and in the hallways of the "Unidad de Oncología Pediátrica del Hospital Universitario" of Maracaibo, who did not have the chance to travel to Italy. 

After the transplant of her niece and her return to Venezuela, Mercedes decided that her goal would be to give a chance for life to all children who needed a bone marrow transplant. And that is how the Fundación para el Trasplante de Médula Ósea was born in 1999, with the aim of creating an international health program to make it possible to other children to travel to Italy and cure haematological and oncological diseases.

Seven years later, on November 19th 2006, Mercedes gave life to ATMO Onlus (Associazione per il Trapianto di Midollo Osseo), the Fundación Italian twin, in order to welcome and support all little patients in treatment in Italy. 

Mission, Vision, Values

Every life saved is a small step towards our big goal: give a chance for life to all children and patients who need a bone marrow transplant.

Because no child should die for lack of money or medical treatments.


Transparency and accountability are fundamental for our organisation. 

For this reason, starting from this year and in addiction to the financial statement, we decided to draw up and publish our Social Report, where you can find all datas, analyses and the outcomes reached over the last year. 

Our Team

For over ten years, we have been offering a solid support to our patients and their families, never forgetting their needs. 

To do this, our team supports the beneficiaries of our program during all the steps of the therapeutical journey, from the healthcare, logistical, social and linguistic point of view.

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ATMO Onlus

Associazione per il Trapianto di Midollo Osseo

Since 2006 on the front line against childhood cancer

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