Our Network

In order to carry on a program which offers a 360-degree support to our patients, we can count on a network made up of citizens, institutions, organizations and companies daily committed to provide cures and accommodation to our patients and their families, starting from the thirteen hospitals involved, which take care of our patients.

Medical attention is the basis of our program, but it is not the only thing we have done, and stilo are doping, so far.


We firmly believe that a person's well-being is not only determined from his/her physical health, but from the psychological one as well.

For this reason, we create an atmosphere of hospitality, solidarity and sharing around the patients, enhancing their opportunities to meet each other in the same city or region in which they are living.

It is really hard to face a disease such as leukaemia. For our families it is even harder, since they do not speak our language and do not know anyone. 

Tha is why it is so important to create a supporting network for our families, so that they can share a path which offers the necessary relief at a medical, social and psychological level

Inside our program, a key role is played by shelters and baby's homes, which host our families and are committed to give them a smile during their spare time, compatible with the health condition of the patients. 

We cannot forget to thanks all the associations helping us in the implementation of our program: 

Heartfelt thanks to Casa UGI, Casa Oz, Progetto Giada, Casa Cilla, Sermig e Radio Soccorso Sociale (Turin); La Madonnina (Candiolo); Abe (Brescia), AIL (Genova and Padova); Fondazione Luchetta (Trieste), Agal (Pavia); AGEOP (Bologna); Comitato Chianelli (Perugia), Fondazione Ronald McDonald (Rome and Brescia); Croce Rossa e ABEO (Genova); Adolescenti e Cancro (Tuscany), Banco Farmaceutico e Make a Wish Italia.

ATMO Onlus

Associazione per il Trapianto di Midollo Osseo

Since 2006 on the front line against childhood cancer

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