Joendry's Story

Joendry is 12 years old (11 when the video was taken), he comes from Maracaibo and is very keen on music, food and baseball, one of the most popular sports in Venezuela. 

Unfortunately in Italy he never found someone to challenge, because "here everybody plays just football", but he wants to remark that he is a good football player too. 

Joendry is a self-confident and friendly guy, he fitted in quite well in Italy, especially in the city that hosted him: Turin. 

In Italy he went to school, learned Italian and above all he cultivated his passion for music, creating rhythms "that come from the inside". 

When he moved from Venezuela to Italy, together with his parents Ana Sara and Joan Manuel, and his sister, Joana Valentina, Joendry has been accepted at the Città della Salute e della Scienza of Turin, to fight a rare disease: the Blackfan-Diamond Anaemia

Thanks to the transplant and above all to his sister who donated her bone marrow, now Joendry is finally fine and confirms that every day with his joy of life. 

After the transplant, his health condition got better and setter, so he could return to Venezuela, where he met his friends and the rest of his family. 


A big delight for him, his family and all of us

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